Cover Photo: Draw more attention to yourself!

Making your profile look attractive is a task that requires attention and hard work.

Shoot hot videos and photos, the kind that will leave everyone wanting more. This will make your profile get more views and will increase your number of fans continuously.

That also increases the fun! A well-done profile attracts more comments, compliments, conversations and dates ;)

To help you draw even more attention to yourself on Sexlog, we just launched the COVER PHOTO feature.


It’s very easy to use. Follow the next steps:

1) Above the profile menu you’ll find the option Change cover photo. Click on it to choose what you wanna do:


2) When you select Change photo, you’ll choose from your device’s gallery the image you want on your profile cover from now on. The display of your cover photo can vary depending on the device it's being viewed on and its screen settings.

If you click on Change cover photo you’ll also be able to DELETE IT or REPOSITION IT.

3) When you Reposition a photo, you drag it around to make sure the best parts of it are displayed. You just need to drag the image until you reach the desired position, as you see in the photo below:


Quick and easy, isn’t it? With so many hot pictures, the hardest part will be selecting one as your cover photo. But we’re sure you’ll choose one that’s great and that represents your goals on Sexlog.

Now that you already know how to make your profile look better by using the Cover Photo, customize yours and increase your popularity! ;)

If you have any questions about this or other features, don’t be shy: contact us at the Help Center web chat. We’re available to help you succeed on Sexlog!


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