How to produce quality films

Sexlog is always innovating and seeking to constantly improve your experience on the site. Keeping that in mind, Sexlog created this guide with some tips to help with the production of better home videos.

Quality shooting

Not everyone has experience with making movies, but following a few basic rules, you can still produce very attractive films.
It does not take any "Spielberg" style skills, because the intention is to produce amateur content and that homemade touch that gives these movies a special feel, making everything more real and exciting. So follow these tips and have fun!


You can record movies with various types of equipment. You can use most modern smartphones or even a webcam, but the ideal is to choose a camera that films in high definition or equivalent quality.
Cell phone cameras are often incapable of producing high quality films. The recording quality is very important as it ensures that the images are well visible and clear.
In the absence of a professional video camera, choose a camera and be sure to adjust its configuration for high resolution.

Format / quality

Our system supports the highest levels of image quality, including HD videos.
Always record your videos on the best available resolution and then send the full file. Do not try to modify or convert the file, it may lose quality and present distortions and failures not contained in the original version.

Filming location

Always choose bright places with access to lighting, whether artificial or not, thus ensuring good visibility for the audience. Your fans will not want to miss even a second of your video!

Still camera

A motionless camera produces better quality images. Prepare your environment before you start shooting, setting the place where the camera is positioned.
If you choose to record with the camera in hand, try to keep the camera as still as possible. Blurred images distort the quality and cause discomfort to the audience.
Before you start recording, check also the camera focus is properly adjusted, blurred cameras generate images without sharpness and can make certain scenes incomprehensible.


You can use various angles during shooting. Experiment and make a movie much more interesting by selecting the best frames.
You can choose to shoot in a large space with full body images, or focus on minor aspects and emphasize to detail.
Everything is permitted, even varying angles. Just use caution when passing from one angle to another, move the camera slowly, without sudden movements so as not to make the image a blur.
Try performing a single, continuous shooting. Shooting several parts and then merging them digitally, can make the video very fragmented and of poor quality.


When choosing what to shoot, free your imagination and release your most secret fantasies. Sexlog is the ideal place to share your innermost desires and meet people who, like you, are looking for pleasure.
Our only request is that you respect the Terms of Use. Don’t post videos that disobey the rules of the site, this helps to ensure the safety of all who have fun in Sexlog.

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