What is the meaning of CD, trans and these other names?

A thing as hot as sex obviously has different configurations with a multitude of people from all sides!

So we decided to save this space to talk (a little) about some of these expressions that sometimes confuse people. And it’s okay to be confused as these terms often arise from different names and acronyms.

Each person lives their sexuality with their particularities: has their desires, fantasies and needs regarding sex. And they do not have to choose to feel this or that, so the first concept that we present is to Sexual Orientation.

Sexual orientation: No sexual orientation. As we said above, people choose not to feel this or that. Sexual orientation refers to the ability of each person to have a deep emotional, emotional or sexual attraction to individuals of different gender, of the same gender or more than one gender, as well as having intimate and sexual relationships with these people.

Basically, there are three of the same sex / gender (homosexuality), the opposite sex / gender (heterosexuality) or both sexes / genders (bisexuality).

Sexual orientation is also different from sexual behavior. A person can have a homosexual sexual orientation, but choose to practice heterosexual sexual behavior for fear of being considered gay or several other cultural and social factors, for example.

Straight: you are the person who is attracted physically and emotionally to people of opposite sex / gender.

Homosexual: a person who feels attracted sexually and emotionally to people of the same sex / gender.

Bisexual: is a person who feels attracted sexually and/or emotionally to people of both sexes / genders.

LGBT: Abbreviation used to define issues related to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender communities.

Transsexual: A person who has a different gender identity than the sex they were assigned at birth. Transgender men and women may express a desire to undergo medical and surgical procedures (including genital procedures) in order to more completely transform into the gender they genuinely identify with.

Transgender: Terminology used to describe people who move between genders. These are people whose gender identity transcends the conventional definitions of sexuality.

Crossdresser (CD): is a term that refers to people who wear clothing or use objects associated with the opposite sex / gender. This behavior is considered normal and is really just an expansion of the emotional universe by couples who practice cross-dressing. A single person can also be crossdresser, because it is not just a sexual experience but a deeper human experience of identification.

Still curious? Do you want to understand more about these and other sexual diversities? Visit the website of ILGA

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