What are tokens? How can I win them? How can I use them?

You may have entered the LiveCam page of Sexlog to watch some yummy presentations and have had fun chatting with the performers, right?

During these transmissions you might have heard people say: When you reach a certain amount of tokens I do this or that. Don´t know what tokens are yet? Well we will tell you now!

What are they and what are they for?

Tokens are the social currency of Sexlog.

With them you can make transactions within Sexlog, increasing your enjoyment as well as possibilities of contact and meetings with more people.

You can now request a token exchange for some items inside of Sexlog including:

- Downloading the chat and/or video of your presentation

- Becoming featured among people online

- Plus you can now give tokens to exhibitionists during their broadcasts to make the shows even hotter! ;)

Soon you will also be able to:

- Gain free access to Sexlog videos with your tokens;

- Send virtual gifts to people you want to please and hang out with using your tokens;

How do I get tokens?

There are two very simple ways for you to get your tokens:

Right now you can buy the available packages:

600 tokens, 1,800 tokens, 4,200 tokens

Or you can earn gift tokens from your viewers on LiveCam! ;)

At the end of the display in your room you can redeem given tokens to your personal account on Sexlog to add to your current balance.


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