Using TOKENS in comments

Earning tokens is a lot of fun! And by the way, have you seen the benefits you can redeem with your tokens?

Awesome, but now let’s discuss the subject at hand!

It's about a new feature we’ve launched to help you gain the attention of those special members who you want to attract!

That's it! Instead of arriving and say "Wow beautiful, how you are so beautiful, beautiful ..." and hearing the sound of crickets, you can now present tokens to the profiles that win your heart with those naughty photos that only people on Sexlog know how to do right!

Have you seen some delightful photos that made you feel like plucking all of your clothes and having sex until the world ends? Well, these sexy members deserve your tokens! See how easy it is to use your tokens in the comments:

1) You found the photo that made you horny. Go on and write your very naughty comment:

After writing the message, you select the option Treat with tokens, choose the amount of tokens you want to give and click Send with tokens.

2) Your comment will be Featured! Look:

3) Auto token redemption: Administrative fee SL

So many lively and delicious people showing themselves, look, it's crazy to manage all this yummy content that you generate here in Sexlog. Those that show off on the LiveCam already know that at the end of their show, they can redeem the tokens they’ve been sent right to their profile, the tokens are credited after being discounted a small administrative fee related to this transaction. Here in the comments it´s the same. Check it out:

4) Receiving control of tokens in the comments:

Each time someone sends you a special little note like these, you’ll receive a notification to check it out and send a thank you response. This notification will let you know who sent it, how many tokens you’ve been gifted and the message that they sent you.

It’s simple! Have fun! And do not forget the combo: tokens + creativity + naughtiness! This combination is sure to increase your pleasure here on Sexlog!

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